At the Greek Canadian Community, we realize it can be difficult to find a hall that allows Stag & Doe’s.  We would be pleased to host your function, however, there are some rules that are non-negotiable:

  • You must hire (at your expense) a minimum of two (2) uniformed security guards that must be on duty during your entire function
  • You are required to use our bartenders ($125.00 per bartender up to 5 hrs – $25/hr each additional – one (1) required for each 100 people attending)
  • You must provide liability insurance

Other than that, we would love to work with you to make your night a success!  Remember, you are required to submit to us your Special Occasion Permit (SOP application) at least one week prior to your function.

Hall Rental Pricing for Stag & Does: 

October – March:   Friday $1,500.00 Saturday $2,000.00 (does not include 13% HST)
April – September: Friday $2,250.00 Saturday $3,000.00 (does not include 13% HST)

AGCO Rules & Regulations:

  • Encouraging immoderate consumption of alcohol is not permitted (for example, drinking contests or games).
  • Guests cannot be required to purchase a minimum number of drinks or drink tickets to enter or remain at the event.
  • No drink containing more than 85 ml of spirits can be sold or served.
  • There must be sufficient food available for those in attendance.
  • Games of chance or mixed chance and skill (e.g. raffles, 50/50 draws, roulette, crown & anchor, etc.) are not permitted.

Click here to view and download our complete event planning kits!